Our Product Manager - Best technical support and Know-How


Our experienced technicians are pleased to assist you on the phone promptly and professionally. Please feel free to ask for an appointment at your premises or here at ebalta together with your responsible field sales person.

Dieter Möslein

Product Management

& International Distribution Manager


Tel.: 09861/ 7007-0

E-Mail: info(at)

Clemens Saalbach

Project Lifecycle Manager

Product Manager

Additive Manufacturing


Tel.: 09861/ 7007-7001




Product Manager 

Alexandra Holzmann

Alexandra Holzmann

Mould- and Tool Making / Design Model Making



Tel.: 09861/ 7007-59

E-Mail: aholzmann(at)

Stefan Koppmair

Stefan Koppmair

Product Manager



Mobil: +49 171 7998154

E-Mail: skoppmair(at)

Franz-Josef Schmid

Franz-Josef Schmid

Product Manager

Foundry Pattern Making


Tel.: 09861/ 7007-14

E-Mail: fjschmid(at)

Frank Siemon

Frank Siemon

Rapid Prototyping

Modelling Pastes


Tel.: 09861/ 7007-94

E-Mail: fsiemon(at)



Technical Documentation

Kerstin Herold



Tel.: 09861/ 7007-51

E-Mail: kherold(at)



Fax: 09861/ 7007-78