Product News

New Brochure

New Brochure "Machinable tooling Materials" for download - For all customers using boards, blocks and lay-up pastes we issued a new brochure.[more]

ebaboard 0700 - Take off with us!

The new PU board for highest quality demands - We are pleased to present the latest milestone for model making: our ebaboard 0700.[more]

Epoxy Board ebaboard EP 978 for Prepregs!

ebalta complete their board range with ebaboard EP 978 - including suitable adhesive 551/18 and repair paste 879R.[more]

Polyurethane casting resin GM 987. Variety of solutions for high-abrasion pattern equipment.

We have enlarged our product range for high-abrasion pattern equipment with our new PU casting resin GM 987.[more]

New abrasion resistant board ebaboard 1220

All model making companies and foundries can look forward to this high abrasion resistant polyurethane resin board with excellent dimensional stability. [more]

To make everything going smooth: ebaboard 0780

The cost-efficient alternative for moulds and laminating tools[more]

The new PU Elastomeres for Concrete and Ceramic Industry

ebalta launches its product line GM 955, a system with 3 different Shore A hardnesses, GM 955-55, GM 955-40 and GM955-70. These products have particularly been developed for the high requirements of mould and tool making in the...[more]