In autumn 2012 dragon “Tradinno”, star of the play “Further Drachenstich” (stabbing of the dragon), was in Berlin on occasion of the “Berlin Oktoberfest” to find its way into the “Guinness World Records” afterwards, as the world’s biggest four-leg striding robot.

The remote-controlled dragon can move forward as well as backwards, spread its wings and is also able to spit fire. Its changing facial expression makes the dragon’s mood visisble and it is a real technical wonder in the truest sense of the word!

But despite all technics the dragon cannot escape its skin, which in the eyes of its observers just makes the dragon real!

With all attention to detail Hollywood effect specialists of “Magicon GmbH” made the appearance and covered the dragon with real-looking “ebalta synthetic dragon leather”. ebalta supplied the impact resistant gelcoat as well as epoxy resin AH 140, which served as binding resin for microballoon fillers and as laminating resin for fabrics.

The very complex model consisting of a robot- like wooden construction, as well as of polyfoam and clay, was made of silicone and ebalta ebacryl material in back filling processing. Later the hereof made moulds served for making the dragon’s skin segments.

Finally the 1 ton kg heavy outer skin was fixed on the robot construction and the result is worth it: the world’s biggest striding robot, with latest technology and breathtaking special effects covered in a real dragon-like and resistant covering, even resisting the wildest attacks.

The giant dragon has a length of 15 mtr., width of 3.80 mtr. and a height of 4.50 mtr. Its wingspread is 12 mtr. and the total weight 11 tons. It is powered by a 2 ltr. diesel engine with 140 PS. The “Tradinno” project was realized by more than 20 companies and institutions under the direction of “Zor Elektronik AG”. Even the German Centre for aeronautics as well as well-known companies like VW and Audi participated in the project. Amongst others it was sponsored by the European Union and the “Bavarian Landesstiftung” foundation.

This high-tech dragon acts in the oldest German play in Furth im Wald, where it enthuses the audience for many days. For more information on Tradinno, see

On occasion of the Furth im Wald festival, from August 8.-19,2013 the dragon is live to see.