||||Review Moulding Expo 2017

Review Moulding Expo 2017

About 15,000 visitors were registered for the second international trade fair Moulding Expo taking place in Stuttgart from May 30 – June 2,2017.

In three halls more than 760 exhibitors presented their latest news in the field of model, mould and tool making ranging from design and prototypes to serial production.

A real eye-catcher: “Lambo” model made of ebaboard 0700.

ebalta was represented with more than twelve executive managers, field workers and product managers presenting us as a competent partner from planning to product selection and for both customers and potential project partners.
Our  focus was on ebaboard and ebablock as well as 3D printing. We presented our ebaboard 1220, ebaboard 0700, ebablock P 185 and in addtion different board and block models.
As one of our business  partners German RepRap GmbH presented their 3-D printing machines at our stand.

After reviewing this trade fair we decided it was not only a profitable event but also a good way to make new contacts and network with distributors.

Our latest exhibit “made in England”. Removable motorblock made of our most important ebaboard- and ebablock® materials.