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High performance materials for foundry model making

Economical, fast, precise: the demands on foundry patterns are enormous and rapidly growing.  Through the great variety of plastics in foundry model making the product choice is determined by various factors. ebalta’s polyurethane and epoxy resins were developed to match all casting and core production techniques and are successfully proven in regular applications.

Especially for model milling we offer an ideal solution with our product series of ebaboard and ebablock®. Our production is specialized to ensure that geometry, size and quantity are optimally combined with adhesive, repair material as well as casting compound.
Our products are available with a density ranging from 0,45 g/cm³ to 1,86 g/cm³ as standard board product, as well as board or block product with customized dimensions.

Our product ebablock® 1050 is used alternatively to wood in the foundry industry – especially for the production of large models.
The advantages are clear: shorter lead times, no additional processes (for example gluing, painting, filling), lower losses or damages of material and longer durability. In addition, our product offers a very fine structure combined with low density resulting in great surface quality.

For high abraison resistant models, core boxes and moulding plates our orange, accurately machined ebaboard 1220 has been used successfully by well-known foundries in serial production. On inquiry, we offer the ebaboard 1220 as well as the ebablock® 1220 in customized dimensions.

ebablock 1050