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„Plastics for the new mobility“

Industrial partner of the plastics industry met in Stuttgart to discuss electromobility under the motto „Plastics for the new mobility“

Organizer of this „Knowledge Forum” was the Association of German Engineers VDI under the leadership and moderation of our product manager Hendrik Bobach.

Jonas Brüning, Volkswagen, was able to present the changes in road traffic with electric vehicles, in particular the aspects of „autonomous driving” and „shared mobility”, directly in a visionary presentation about future mobility concepts. If the electrification of the automobile follows the trend line, this will lead to a significant turnaround in the overall picture of road traffic, whereby this will not be limited to vehicles only, but will be related to the entire infrastructure.

During two days the participants had the chance to listen to many interesting presentations. The consensus at the event was that many branches of industry are still concerned with unclear requirements in the areas of tracking resistance and CTI (Comparative Tracking Index) and that there is still need of educational work with regards to useful requirements and implementations. The rich communications in the Q&A session after the presentations and the interesting conversations during the breaks were another positive aspect of the event.

Hendrik Bobach  concluded the event with an appeal for the exchange of knowledge between the individual branches of industry in order to ensure that Germany remains an attractive industrial partner and innovator in the global economy in the future.

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