At the end of their training, future technical mould makers produce a mould or pattern equipment made of synthetic resin. This master craftsman’s examination project should correspond to a realistic customer order. The order-related requirements are defined by the Master Craftsman Examination Committee by means of product documents for foundry, bodywork, production, and demonstration mould making.

This year, we again supported the candidates for their master craftsman examination, which was held on 01.10.2021. In addition to providing materials such as the highly abrasion-resistant boards ebaboard PW 920 and ebaboard 1220 as well as the casting compounds SG 197 and GM979, our regional sales manager Volker Dietz was on hand to provide expert advice.

We wish all examinees congratulations on passing their exams and continued success!

RIM mould made of ebaboard 1220 and SG 197 fast casting compound