ebalta starts 2022 carbon neutral

We are pleased to be carbon neutral in the manufacture of our products for the second year in a [...]

ebalta starts 2022 carbon neutral2022-01-19T09:58:41+01:00

A restful time and confidence

We wish you a restful time and confidence for the coming year. We will continue developing our products in [...]

A restful time and confidence2021-12-10T12:36:35+01:00

Climbing on sustainable resin

"The walls in the bouldering halls are full of non-recyclable plastic waste", a statement made in the new episode [...]

Climbing on sustainable resin2021-07-13T15:56:14+02:00

Done – ebalta is carbon neutral

We have been working for a long time to make a contribution against climate change. Now it's done, products [...]

Done – ebalta is carbon neutral2021-01-27T14:15:20+01:00

How we handle the coronavirus

The coronavirus is spreading. We at ebalta take the situation seriously and took action early to ensure that the [...]

How we handle the coronavirus2020-03-20T07:20:26+01:00