Vacuum Infusion

Latest processing for premium quality Composites

For all composite parts with high strength and long service life, special processing is required.
Vacuum processing, using vacuum infusion, means a higher fibre and lower resin content at the same part weight.

During the vacuum process the resin is sucked into the fibreglas by applying a vacuum. The method works as follows:

  • The various fabrics (1) are cut to size and placed in the tools or moulds in dry condition depending on the desired wall thickness and strength.

  • The peel ply is then placed on the glass or carbon fibre fabric (2) followed by the perforated release film (3). Due to this release film the flow medium and hoses can easily be removed after curing the resin.

  • The flow medium (4) is now placed in position and fixed.

  • The resin feed (5) and vacuum hoses (6) are attached and fixed with an adhesive tape.

  • The vacuum film (7) is then applied and sealed with the aid of special sealing adhesive tapes (8).

  • The resin is now sucked in through the resin feed and is distributed over the entire component.