Product safety

Regarding our product range we aim to only use raw materials having low health protection requirements. For detailed information about safe handling of ebalta tooling resins, please see our brochure.
We continue testing alternatives to replace hazardous materials and to meet technical requirements.
Here a survey of important guide lines applying to our products:

ebalta REACH

REACH: Registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals
REACH a completely new regulation of European chemicals law. REACH focuses on the protection of persons and environment against chemicals produced or imported in the EC by making important safety instructions for safe handling of these substances available.

ebalta GHS

GHS: Globally Harmonized System
World wide unique system GHS (Globally Harmonized System) for classification and labelling of substances for facilitation of global trade. Most apparent modification: labeling with new “hazardous goods”/ danger symbols.

ebalta TRGS 510

TRGS 510: Technical instructions for hazardous substances
All technical instructions for hazardous substances (TRGS) imply latest techniques, occupational medicine, work hygiene as well as further significant work related experiences for handling of hazardous substances including classification and labelling.