REACH: a  regulation of European chemicals law. REACH focuses on the protection of persons and environment against chemicals produced or imported in the EC by making important safety instructions for safe handling of these substances available.

Before REACH regulation all (new) substances ELINCS, produced or imported since 1981 in Europe had to be subject to various tests. For all (former) substances EINECS (approx. 100.000) the industry obliged voluntarily to supply information which unfortunately has only be done on a limited scale and therefore leading to the resolution about the European chemicals law  REACH (registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals).

As per REACH no differentiation between new and former substances, registration of all produced or imported substances exceeding certain quantity limits (incl. detailed safety report on substances) required. All registered substances are examined by ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) and approved for safe applications (being subject to prior registration).

Approved applications and numbers of registration are noted in safety data sheets for these substances. In case of further application than registered, you can apply for direct registration about safe application at responsible agencies. Applications beyond registration not allowed. Regular registration depending on hazardous contents and quantities from December 2008 to June 2018.

Due to high examination costs for producers and importers some substances might be removed (not foreseeable to what extent) from the product range. Close contact to suppliers for short-term information about latest developments. In case of any modification we will recommend alternatives.

For more information about REACH see information portal German Federal Environmental Agency.