Customer training

Our experienced product managers know the latest technologies around model and mould making with tooling resins. We would be pleased to organise an individual training for you and your staff on site or in-house at ebalta.

May we present you some technolgies we organize regular training for:

Casting models in build-up and casting process

ebalta has been working for foundry model making from the very beginning. Our knowledge in handling tooling resins distinguishes ourselves.

Training of your staff by our product manager: fabrication of foundry models in build-up and casting process.

Vacuum injection process for composites

For vacuum injection: absorption of resin in fibrous material, for more fibres or less resins content.

Our product manager Stefan Koppmair will be pleased to show you how it works.

Rapid Prototyping in RIM und Vakuum Verfahren

Fabrication of parts in low pressure RIM and vacuum processing

We share our know-how with you from mould making to parts’ fabrication, building of silicone moulds, adjustment of machines and tests upon request.

Our product manager Frank Siemon is your expert!

If you are interested in a customers training for you and your staff, please feel free to contact our product managers.