For the production of seamless models, moulds and tools with challenging geometries we recommend ebablock®. This cast-to-shape contour block made of PU resins is individually cast for you.

ebablock® Negative mould

Negative mould

Based on your CAD data negative moulds made of styrofoam or polyurethane foam are created which correspond to the contour of the future blank or part. This way you get a seamless ebablock® with a low offset.

ebablock® Displacer


Displacers work against the buoyancy of the casting resin but ensure material savings and reduction of milling time.

ebablock® Casting


The corresponding casting resin is produced without entrapped air by prior evacuation and poured into the negative mould.

Due to prior evacuation the casting resin is free from bubbles and can be cast into the negative mould.

ebablock® Demoulding and deburring

Demoulding and deburring

Subsequently, the displacers are removed and the form edges deburred.

ebablock® Tempering


ebablock® is cured to achieve the final strength values and a tension-less state.

Availability of your individual cast-to-shape block within 6-7 working days according to work and volume. For more information feel free to contact our responsible product manager Alexandra Holzmann.