Lay-up pastes application

ebalta epoxy lay-up paste – a good choice for: big models like design models for automotive or moulds for fans or hulls.

Fast processing and fabrication or modification of the model.
Light and flexible carrier and material saving by close-to-contour application.

We support your project planning with fabrication of the carrier as well as application.

paste model

Project planning and carrier

We support you with material choice and schedule as well as the fabrication of the carrier made of polystyrene, foam or laminate. Carrier supplied by customer or fabrication by ebalta.

ebalta paste application team


For on site application we support you with training of your staff.

In case you are not familiar with this kind of technology or if no machine is available, the ebalta paste-application-team will provide this service for you.

ebalta lay-up paste


Depending on measurements curing after 24-48 hrs. for later milling and painting. ebalta lay-up paste available from stock.

ebalta train model

Your benefits

ebalta lay-up paste available within 24 hrs.
Support with project planning, carrier, application by our experienced team for flexible, economic and fast handling.

1,000 kg lay-up paste P 26 from our ebalta paste-application-team for display model in original size.